2024‘s Best Electric Pressure Washers Reviewed

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Top 5 Electric Pressure Washers of 2024

electric pressure washer reviewsPersonally, I think the pressure washer is the most under appreciated tool in the average homeowner’s garage.

I have seen houses appreciate by tens of thousands of dollars after one day of cleaning the grime, mildew, and gunk off of the sidewalks and siding.

And here’s the part they don’t tell you: It’s pretty fun.

No, I’m not some masochist who enjoys manual labor a little too much. But there is some perverse pleasure in spraying years of dirt off of your deck that you otherwise would have had to scrub for days.

I wish I could bring one of these things into the house to help with doing dishes but the wife was pretty adamant about the ‘no pressure washers in the house’ rule.

For those of you that don’t know, a pressure washer uses water pressure to get rid of dust, dirt, grime, and other similar things from boats, driveways, buildings, etc. You can not only clean your home with it but also other machines and tools.

It is important to follow all safety measures when operating a pressure washer.

Top Rated 5 Electric Pressure Washers List

There are hundreds of models and brands of pressure washers offered by different companies. The truth is that not all these washers are efficient so it is very important to check the features while buying a pressure washer. Our research indicates that there are currently following five pressure washers that are best in terms of their features.

  1. Ar Blue Clean Electric Pressure Washer
  2. Generac 6022/5989 Residential Pressure Washer
  3. Karcher X-Series Pressure Washer
  4. Ar Blue Clean Ar112 Pressure Washer
  5. Powerworks 51102 Electric Pressure Washer

Note: This list is made by our INTERNET RESEARCH TEAM which individually checked features and customer reviews of different pressure washers before reaching to this conclusion. This list is unbiased and based on genuine information which in other words means that you can trust it.

What to Expect From This Report

You can call this an article, a detailed report, or a mini research paper. The following things are covered in this report:

  • Features and specifications of the 5 best pressure washers
  • Important points to consider while buying pressure washers

Here is a nifty table showing the PSI (pounds per square inch, a measurement of pressure), GPM (gallons per minute), hose length, power cord length (useful for those of us with big yards), average Amazon rating, and the price. The prices on Amazon change daily so I’ve just listed how expensive it is compared to the others.

Electric Pressure WasherPSI & GPMHosePower CordRatingPrice
AR AR383
1,900 PSI
1.5 GPM
20 ft30 ft4.1$$$
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Campbell Hausfeld PW182501AV
1,900 PSI
2.3 GPM
20 ft35 ft4.1$$
Check Price
Karcher X Series
2,000 PSI25 ft25 ft3.6$$$
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AR AR112
600 PSI
1.58 GPM
20 ft30 ft3.9$$
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Sun Joe SPX3000
2030 PSI
1.76 GPM
20 ft35 ft4.2$$
Check PRice

Detailed Reviews of the Best Electric Pressure Washers for 2024

AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer

AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer

This washer with hose reel is more convenient to clean than any other washer. But don’t take my word for it, check out some of these features:

Cleaning: Of course when you buy an electric pressure washer, the first quality that we look at is the cleaning power of that product. I can happily say that this is a marvelous power washer with stupendous traits. The tremendous quality of the AR383 is its cleaning powers.

Weightless: It is a very portable device which makes keeping the house clean and shiny pretty effortless. You can put it anywhere as it will not take much space. Light and small while still being powerful.

Ergonomic: The lightness of the AR Blue combined with the ergonomic spray wand lets you clean for hours without cramping.AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer review

Power: The Blue Clean AR383 electric washer has a powerful motor of 14 ampere with innovative technology that will surely give you efficient work.

User friendly: AR Blue Clean washer’s best and admirable feature is that is user friendly and works on a very easy principle. Point and shoot.

Well priced: Fortunately all of those features don’t come with a big price tag. Whenever it comes for cleaning your house, workplace, garage etc. this washer proved to be an outstanding product without breaking the bank.

Efficiency: The AR Blue Clean gets the job done in a small, light package at a reasonable price. What more could you ask?

After going through the above detailed overview, I suggest you to take a look at what other people had to say:

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Campbell Hausfeld PW182501AV Electric Pressure Washer

Campbell Hausfeld PW182501AV Electric Pressure Washer

Campbell Hausfeld has been known to make quality pressure washers for years and the PW182501AV is no exception. Though it is hard to remember. Check out some of the features that put this power washer on our list:

Appropriate pressure: Before buying any washer one must ask about the amount of pressure that the product possess, nobody wants to have a very high pressure washer that can cause damage to their belongings or a washer that has a very low pressure that’s useless.

I can easily say that this washer has moderate pressure level that neither destroys your property but still cleans like it’s supposed to.

Cleaning: Speaking of getting things clean, for an electric pressure washer, the Campbell Hausfeld has few rivals. You’re not going to blast the paint off a Chevy but you will be able to get out those annoying oil stains on your driveway and mildew off the back of your shed with ease.

Weightless and portable: Due to its lightweight design, the PW182501AV is a breeze to trek around the house. Which means your kids (or grandparents) won’t have any excuse not to chip in.

User friendly: One of our biggest considerations when picking the best electric pressure washers of 2024 was how easy it was for a regular Joe (or Jane) to take it out of the box and get cleaning.

That’s the beauty of electric power washers. Unlike gas powered pressure washers, you don’t have to worry about adding the right oil mixture, priming the pump, etc. You just plug it in and go.

And the Campbell Hausfeld PW182501AV meets that criteria easily. No need to whip out the manual with this one!

Check out some more reviews of the PW182501AV

Karcher X-Series Electric Pressure Washer

karcher electric pressure washer

Karcher produced the first ever water cooled induction motor for power washers. This induction motor proved to be the efficient motor that made this electric pressure washer worth buying. Take a look at these brief but effective features of this outstanding washer:

Components/Attachments: The X-series comes with a number of attachments to make your cleaning easier. A trigger gun, spray wand, and accessory storage are just some of the awesome attachments of this induction electric pressure washer.

User Friendly: I call this washer user friendly because you just have to unpack this washer and as I mentioned above it has many attachments that you can use to make things easier.

This washer has many other positive and commendable qualities such as its water cooled induction motor, pressurized hose reel, and detergent tank.Karcher X-Series Electric Pressure Washer review

And the amazing quick connect system means you don’t need to read the whole pamphlet to learn how to connect.

Durable: Another great feature of the Karcher electric pressure washer is the durability of this product that is well-liked by most of the customers. When you buy any kind of tool, you want to know that it’s going to last for a while.

And based on our research, Karcher power washers are built to last.

Warranty: Not only are Karcher pressure washers durable but they are also backed by a one year warranty. So even if you get the one lone lemon that breaks, you’re covered for at least a year.

This is especially comforting if you were worried about the water cooled induction motor or the many moving parts like the pressurized hose reel.

Check out more reviews of the Karcher X Series here

AR Blue Clean AR112 Washer

AR AR112 Electric Pressure Washer

The AR washer with 1.58 gallon per minute is definitely a contender for the best washer in the market. Blue clean electrical washer can conveniently be used in cleaning houses, garage, and car washing.

Efficiency:  The most results with the least amount of time/energy spent, right? Well you’ve got it here. The AR112 is so easy to set up and get cleaning that you won’t keep putting it off til next weekend, making you considerably more productive!

Durable: One of the best qualities of this Great Blue Clean Pressure washer is that it’s a long lasting washer with awesome quality and features based on new technology that you would love to have. If you are tired of other products of same genre then give it a try it will live up to your expectations.AR Blue Clean AR112 power Washer review

Best quality: Not only are the parts durable but they are high quality as well. A lot of inexpensive pressure washers just feel… cheap. That isn’t the case with the AR112.

Lightweight: If you are searching for something that is easy to use then this power washer with hose reel is an awesome product for you as it is light weight and easy to carry. It has many attachments as per customer’s demands and requirements.

Components: It has many components/attachments that provide you the ability to get the best cleaning in different areas with different attachments. One of the best things about this AR Blue Clean washer is that it has a 20 foot long hose reel with a 30 foot long power cord.

Check out more reviews of the AR Blue Clean 112 here

Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure WasherThe Sun Joe SPX3000 power washer might be the best electric pressure washer with tremendous pressure and a friendly design. It’s the best selling electric pressure washer on Amazon so that’s got to say something, right?

(See how the Sun Joe SPX3000 stacked up against its bigger brothers, the SPX4000 and the SPX4001)

The Sun Joe has 2,030 PSI with 1.6 gallons per minute that provide you with an abundant amount of power for light and easy tasks with efficiency.

Here are some of the features of this amazing power washer:

Power: The most important quality that creates a center of attention is the power of motor that works on innovative principles. It has a cool induction motor that is definitely a good and beneficial thing. I suggest you to buy this Sun Joe power washer for impeccable cleaning.

Attachments: The 35 foot long power cord ensures that you can clean everything from your driveway to your deck without having to switch electrical outlets. for comfortable use. It’s 20 foot hose lets you get into high places and keeps you from having to lug the SPX3000 all over the yard.

User Friendly: This is one of those great things you buy that seem complicated but are pretty much ready to go out of the box. Plug in the power, connect the hose, and get spraying! Simple point and shoot use and not a lot of confusing settings to complicate things.

Proper pressure: Before buying any washer one must have contemplation about the amount of pressure that the product possess, nobody wants to have a very high pressure washer that can cause damage to their belongings or a washer that has a very low pressure that considered useless.

I can proudly say that this washer has moderate pressure level that neither destroys your property nor to slow.

Check out more reviews of the Sun Joe SPX3000 here

Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Pressure Washer

Usually, customers do not know about the technical aspects of the product they are going to buy. Their selection merely depends on two things; quality of the product and its price.

The product features change with the type of product. For instance, the things you consider for buying pressure washer are not the things you will consider for buying microwave.

Hence, you must know some points that should be considered prior to buying electric pressure washers. 

Power (PSI)

The first and the most important thing to check is motor power. Performance of your electric pressure washer is entirely dependent on motor power. You should prefer motors which offer you more than 1500 PSI pressure.

Electric power washers generally have a lower PSI than gas powered washers. So if you need more power, check out our three favorite gas powered Generac pressure washers.

Hose Length

Hose length is the next thing which needs your attention. Hose length should be at least 20 foot. The longer your hose and power cord, the further you can go without having to unplug and try to find another outlet.

A longer hose allows you to clean without constantly dragging around the washer.

Gas or Electricity Operated

You should also take in concern the mode of pressure washer. You should know that either it is gas operated or electric. There are benefits and disadvantages to both.

Gas powered power washers tend to cost more, are louder, require more maintenance, and are much heavier. But they make up for it with power and durability. Many models like the Simpson MegaShot are built for heavy duty use and can take a lot of jobsite abuse.

On the other hand, electric pressure washers are cheaper, quieter, lighter, and easier to use. But you’re limited by your proximity to an electrical outlet and won’t get the power that the gas powered variety offers.

For everyday home care, electric washers should meet all of your needs.

Size and Shape

Size and shape are also important aspects for buying electric pressure washer. For domestic use, many people prefer small pressure washer that occupy less space and can easily be kept in garage or shelves etc.

As far as shape is concerned, most prefer compact pressure washers that are light in weight and easy to transfer from one place to another.

Easy To Assemble

Assembling the pressure washer is an important task. Unless the machine is properly assembled, you cannot use it. Select the washer which can be easily assembled at home without any help of professionals. The washers that we picked are pretty easy to use right out of the box.


Durability is also an important aspect involved in buying of pressure washer. Always have a look at the type of materials from which pressure washer is made. Excessive use of metals or low grade plastics in manufacturing can lead to rusting or less tolerance towards harsh environmental conditions. So, make sure you select the product which is made of quality materials.


Obviously price is an issue when buying anything. We keep an eye on this across a number of stores and websites and Amazon consistently has the best deals. Plus you can read reviews from people who have already bought one to see what they think.


A warranty of any product is an additional benefit offered by manufacturers. Moreover, warranty shows the reliability of product. Thus, prefer products that are warranted.

These are few things, if considered, can help you a lot in buying a power washer that is accessible, affordable and is of the best quality.

Make the Smart Decision

We have gathered detailed information regarding pressure washers and their features just to save your time and money. Electric pressure washer reviews are good source of getting reliable information.

Now, it’s the time to make smart decision by buying the right pressure washer that is not only efficient and reliable but also cost effectiv

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