Karcher G 3200 XH Pressure Washer Review

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Karcher G 3200 XH






Ease of Use



  • Powerful
  • Durable
  • Accessory Organizer (Seriously)


  • Weak Pump
  • Vibrations

My Experience with the Karcher G3200 Gas Power Washer

The Karcher G 3200 is a compact powerhouse, which generates approximately 3200 PSI (over 60X pressure compared to a normal garden hose).

It brings with it an uncluttered design with effortless access to its engine. The pump boasts unrivaled ease of use as well as serviceability.

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What I Loved About The Karcher G 3200

I loved my Karcher because it is equipped with a long lasting welded frame. The durable frame outlasts the normal bolted/riveted frames.

I also found the pneumatic tires that have metal wheels and real time connect throughout to be handy. In fact, with this combination, my cleaning was quicker, efficient and stress free.

If you ask me, this highly dedicated workhorse definitely delivers on its promise.Karcher G 3200 gas pressure washer

The second reason that made me fall in love with the G 3200 is the fact that it is small in size.

Being one of the smallest in size gas-powered pressure washers in the market, this machine did not take much of the space in the room.

Actually, it fit perfectly in my tiny garage. I had an easy time folding it up and storing it in a corner until when I needed it again.

I adored the fact that I could carry my Karcher almost anywhere that needed cleaning. It is very easy to transport.

My G 3200 had ample built in storage space. Instead of tucking away my nozzles, brushes, or detergents, I stored them in the pressure washer.

With this amazing attribute, I did not have to stop everything I was doing in order to find my accessories. They were just right there when I needed them — an absolutely handy feature!

The fact that this machine has a pretty powerful trigger gun was also a big plus for me. What is more is that I did not have to worry about my kids causing a huge squirt in the garage because the Karcher G 3200 has a child proof lock.

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What I Did Not Like About The Karcher G 3200

The truth is the Karcher was more than blessing to my cleaning routine. However, there were some few features that didn’t work out for me at all. Here are some of them:

The Karcher G 3200 seemed to have a weak pump. Actually, mine stopped the third time I utilized it. I had to do some repair for it to function again.

At times, the wheels were wobbly. It simply meant that I could not move at high speeds.

Because of its modular construction, the vibrations used to cause some rattling which over time was a nuisance.Karcher G 3200 review


  • Durable welded 18-gauge frame that outlasts bolted/riveted frames
  • Powder coated to effectively resist corrosion
  • Five year limited pump warranty
  • Five pro-style quick-connect spray nozzles
  • Karcher 196cc engine, CARB/EPA III certified
  • Detergent siphoning system with a filter
  • A patented commercial grade pump with stainless steel pistons and brass head
  • Karcher promise — quicker and cleaner


As much as I had a few issues with this machine, there is no doubt that I really loved cleaning with it. If you are looking for a good pressure washer, then the Karcher G 3200 is surely worth your money.best pressure washer for the money

8 Total Score
Karcher G 3200

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