How to Trim a Tree with a Chainsaw

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Using a Chainsaw to Trim a Tree

Many homeowners know that when the spring time comes they have to trim the hedges, cut the grass, and prune their trees. Homeowners know that trimming a tree can be a frustrating thing to do if they are not familiar with the process.

However, it does not have to be. As a matter of fact cutting a tree can be downright fun and exciting once you know what you are doing. So, if you don’t know how to cut down a tree and you want to have a good time doing it; then read this article. It will have you cutting trees like a pro in no time at all.cutting down a tree with a chainsaw

Plan Out What You are Going to Do Before You Start

The first thing you must do is decide how you are going to cut the tree down. Do you need to trim a tree to make it look better than your neighbors or do you need to cut it down before it knocks your roof in? Once you figure out the job you need to do; then you must decide the best way to carry out this process. Planning out the job ahead of time will save time, energy, and the hassle of doing the job again to correct any mistakes.

Safety Gear

You should wear safety gear while performing this job. Basic safety gear includes goggles, gloves, a long sleeve shirt, and pants.

Wearing earmuffs is strongly encouraged for this type of job. Gas chainsaws are loud and can make you go deaf in no time at all. You should wear ear protection.

Closed toe shoes protect your feet in case you drop your saw by accident.

Equipment for Cutting or Trimming

chainsaw tree trimmingYou are going to need a few pieces of equipment and tools before you start the job. Keep in mind that there are two different types of chainsaws; gas powered and electric chainsaws . If you use a gas powered saw, keep your gas can close in case you need to refuel.

If you have an electric saw, make sure you have a long, heavy duty, outdoor extension cord to complete the job. The cord should be long enough to reach from a power source to the tree that you are going to cut down. You should have a sturdy ladder on hand to help you with the cutting process.

Make sure you know how to use your equipment before you start. It’s very foolish (and dangerous) to operate a chainsaw without knowledge. Read your manufacturer’s instructions before using the saw. A chainsaw is no toy and can cause serious injury if you do not know what you are doing. Once you figured that part out; you will have all the knowledge you need to cut down a tree.

Trimming a Tree

Clear the debris from the base of the tree where you are going to work. Remove the rocks, limbs, leaves and other objects. Take away any other items in the immediate area as well. Make sure that no person is standing inside of the area where you will be cutting.

When you begin to trim your tree you should start by cutting the branches in a uniform manner. This will provide the best possible look and shape for your tree. Do your best to make even strokes as you go along. You can cut one branch to a selected length and use it as a guide for the others.

If you must trim a tree with a branch that is thicker than one-inch then start with an undercut. An undercut movement is made by starting from the bottom of the branch and then cutting in an upward direction. You should stop once you are half way through the branch. Then you should finish the cut by coming down on it from the top.

This type of cut is best suited for thick limbs. Repeat this process until the tree is properly pruned or has the desired look that you want.

Cutting Down an Old or Dead Tree

If you must cut down an old or dead tree, you will have to remove it in sections. Start at the top and work your ways down. Start with the branches and once they have been cleared away, you can go to the trunk. If a tree is larger than 10-feet tall, you should hire a professional tree trimming company to perform this work for safety reasons.


When pruning a tree make sure you do not cut a branch too short. This is important. You can cause a tree to become diseased or a part of a tree to die if you do. If you have to, make relief cuts which help to take pressure off of the branch while you are trimming it.

If not, chances are the branch will split before falling to the ground. This will cause damage. Allow a branch to fall off of a tree under its own weight.

Remember to clean up the area once you are finished. And have a good time cutting down your tree but make sure you do it in a safe and respectable manner.

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