Earthwise 1650 PSI Electric Pressure Washer Review

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Earthwise PW16503 Pressure Washer




Ease of Use





  • Lightweight
  • Efficient
  • Good value


  • Could use more power

A relatively new product to the pressure washing field is from the company Earthwise, who was one of the new breed of making “earth friendly” lawn mowers and other products.

For those of you who are into the “green” or “earth friendly” products here is an Earthwise pressure washer review from one of our customers:

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Earthwise 1650 PSI Pressure Washer

The Earthwise 1650 PSI is a powerful power washer that is light enough to carry around. It is perfect for someone who wants to clean off their sidewalks, boat, or RV.

The water allows you to clean without using harsh chemicals or heavy duty equipment.


Weight- 14 pounds

Length of power cord- 36 feet long

Length of hose- 25 feet


Light weight – The Earthwise pressure washer is light enough in weight to carry around. Despite the fact that some models do not come with wheels, the majority of people will be able to easily move it around.

Perfect for patios Pressure washers are valuable tools for people who want to clean off their patios.  Almost everyone’s patio needs a wash after the dust and dirt accumulates during the spring.Earthwise 1650 PSI Pressure Washer review

Cleaning the dirt and dust on your patio makes playing outside safer for small children and pets.  Having a clean area for your kids and pets to play is important for everyone.

Great gift – An electric pressure washer is a great gift idea for the man in your life or for anyone who likes to keep a clean front and backyard.

It is priced less than $200, which is a good range for someone who is getting a gift for this boyfriend/spouse. It’s an also a great option for someone who likes getting gadgets and power tools as presents.

Safe for pets – There are products on the market that allow you to clean off your patio and/or sidewalks.  But the problem with these other options is that they use harsh chemicals or sprays.

Using water to clean off your patio and sidewalks is 100% safe for pets. This is a big relief for people who consider their pet a part of the family.

Water is a safe and clean alternative to other cleaning methods.

Less Mess – Having a pressure washer is a lot less messy than carrying around a dirty bucket of water.  If you slip and the bucket of water spills, you could have a huge disaster.


No wheels –  Some models of this Earthwise pressure washer do not come with wheels. This is a major drawback for people who depend on the wheels to carry their pressure washer around.

The positive aspect about not having wheels is that they won’t get in the way when you are carrying it around.

Not enough pressure – Despite the fact that this pressure washer is powerful it might not have enough pressure for certain projects. It is ideal for cleaning off patios, sidewalks, and RVs.

It does not have the capability or cord length to clean off the outside of your home. This could be a problem for people who want to clear off the dirt and grime off of their gutters or roof.

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Overall opinion

The Earthwise 1650 PSI pressure washer is perfect for patios, sidewalks, RVS, and other small household chores. It is relatively light and the majority of users will be able to carry it around.

When researching Earthwise pressure washer reviews I found many people like it for the “earth” factors. If you are one that is into this type of energy sustaining and earth saving machines like I am, the Earthwise washer does its job.

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