The Best Hot Water Pressure Washer? Shark SGP-353037 Review

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Shark SGP-353037 Pressure Washer









  • Long hose
  • Powerful


  • Pricey for weekend warriors
  • Heavy

Shark SGP-353037 Hot Water Pressure Washer Review

Another post from one of my good friends, Justin Aldo as he covers the Shark SGP-353037 pressure washer review.

What sets the Shark SGP-353037 apart from other pressure washer reviews that we’ve done is that it uses hot water to aid in the cleaning process. This feature helps removes stubborn stains that sheer pressure can’t get off.

This is more of a mid-level hot water power washer that is used for around the house cleaning.

Justin recently purchased this product in late May of this year and has enjoyed what he has used it for all summer.

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With that being said, here is Justin’s review on this solid model.

Benefits of a Hot Water Pressure Washer

best hot water pressure washer reviewThere’s nothing like a hot water pressure washer to get at the grime that won’t come out with any other method. The great thing about a hot water power washer, the more you use it the more tasks you find it can do.

Before You Buy

Pressure washers come in different sizes and different capacities. They come in pounds per square inch of pressure, and gallons per minute that they use. The size and output are dependent on what you want to use them for.


If you want to use them inside the house and around the garden, you could probably do with less pressure, and fewer gallons per minute.

Of course the smaller ones have less nozzle choices, and fewer features.

Hot Water

Hot water pressure washers are larger and have an internal boiler which increases the capacity, volume, weight and price. There are internal components as well, and they must be maintained and cleaned.

It’s important to buy a quality product if you buy something with more components.


Be sure you look at the different brands available before you purchase, and take a good look at the Shark power washers. There are several products available from the company, and you will find the model you need.

Several models exist, and you should consider your needs before you buy. But, the SGP-353037 can clean decks from mildew, mold, and just about any other surface.

SGP-353037 Specs

Overall the SGP-353037 is a solid power washer with the ability to cover most around the house projects.  The PSI checks in at a solid 3,000 which makes it something that a regular business owner could use.

It’s also important to note that the this pressure washer is powered by an 11hp Honda motor, the big brother of the Honda GCV160 found on the Simpson MegaShot.Shark SGP-353037 hot water pressure washer


Hose Length

A really good feature about one product is the fifty foot hose that comes with it. It’s great for getting at those corners and cleaning boats, or just about anywhere that is difficult to drag the mechanism.

On certain boats such as houseboats you would need to climb a ladder to get to the roof, and the long hose is a good feature for such a task.


So, if you need a cold water, hot water, electric, or gas operated pressure washer, Shark offers several models to choose from.

If the style or type you seek isn’t in their inventory, of course you can look for other models that might best suit your needs, but for most tasks the SGP-353037 does an excellent job and you will have your apparatus for many years to come with ordinary usage and maintenance.

Learn more about the Shark SGP-353037


As with all good equipment, you should take some precautions such as not leaving your washer out in bad weather, or doing something careless, like letting it fall into the water, when cleaning your boat.

But all in all the models available from the Shark are good and made in America besides. So, you are doing your part by buying American and being a patriot too.

A Shark SGP-353037 Pressure Washer will do just about any job you set it too, as long as you or the children aren’t negligent in misusing the product. As far as we are concerned, this is the best hot water pressure washer.

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