The Best Dewalt Pressure Washers

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DEWALT Power Washer Models

DEWALT has been a leading manufacturer of high quality tools like chainsaws, drill presses, and table saws for decades but they also make some pretty great pressure washers.

Here are our reviews on the most popular DEWALT pressure washers on the market.

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The company originally started their business by introducing their patented woodworking machines and saws. They quickly gained popularity at the construction and furniture gas powered pressure washer

Now DEWALT has added pressure washers to their product lineup. The pressure washers manufactured by the company are mainly gas powered and are powerful as well as known for their durability. So cost of the products is marked by their quality and features provided.

And honestly, just look at these things. These power washers are for serious men and women, not the weekend driveway washer (electric pressure washers would be a better fit for that).

No, these beasts are meant for the tough jobs like when you want to wash away that dirty feeling from your last trip to New Orleans.

Here are some of the most popular power washers from DEWALT:


dewalt pressure washer reviewsThis DEWALT power washer is the cheapest of the all the models offered by DEWALT. It delivers a pressure of 3200 PSI and a flow rate of 2.8 gallons per minute.

The price of this model is about $800 (though right now Amazon has them even cheaper). Even though this is at the lower end of the product lineup it is a perfect tool for a small business.

The pressure washer has its core made of the Honda GX200 engine with a long hose of 25 feet that helps in cleaning the hardest of surfaces in reach.

This model may not be suitable to higher end tasks like spraying high places or paint stripping as it doesn’t have the sufficient power to do those jobs.

Other than that it gives a great valve pressure at a reasonable price. You can roll this one over the grass or any other surface to move between places.

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dewalt power washer reviewsDXPW3835 is the next higher model from DEWALT 3200.

The engine between both stays the same but this model has a pressure of 600PSI greater than the 3200. Also the hose has an extra 5 feet in length.

Unlike the higher range models, this is an excellent choice for a homeowner or a small business.

If you intend to use the pressure washer once a week then this is meant for you.

As I own real estate properties I find this Dewalt pressure washer very useful in remodeling the house by cleaning the patio, siding, or windows of the houses.

Check the latest prices on the DEWALT DXPW3835


dewalt pressure washersThe higher end pressure washer is the DEWALT DXPW4240. This marks the apex of power and reliability.

This bad boys spits out water at 4240 PSI. Enough to blast off any dirt, grime, or paint you come across.

It works for hours without over heating and with minimal gas consumption.

Actually this one is an industrial grade equipment manufactured to suit any tough requirements of cleaning.

I recommend this model if you are looking for a daily pressure washer. Week in and week out, the DPW4240 will be there, chugging along.

Check the latest prices on the DEWALT DXPW4240


DEWALT pressure washers are used everywhere, at the construction industry, automobile detailing, hotels, malls, and many other places. It is very rare to hear a negative comment on these power washers. They work amazing and deserve the appreciation.

Many companies scream about the quality and features in their products, but somehow they don’t cover all the purposes. But a DEWALT pressure washer is a great long term investment.

So undoubtedly, choose a DEWALT power washer based on your requirements. Whether it’s residential, business, or industrial, every need will be served.

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