Briggs and Stratton 20593 Gas Pressure Washer Review

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Briggs and Stratton 20593 Gas Pressure Washer









  • Great warranty
  • Quick connect tips


  • Bit loud
  • Heavy

When I want to do a heavy duty job there are only a few power washer brands that I will use.  One of them that have always been one of my favorites is Briggs & Stratton. The particular model that I am reviewing for this article will be the 2800 PSI Briggs & Stratton Brute Power Washer.


Briggs and Stratton Pressure Washer reviewThe Brute gets its name for one reason and that is its power and what it should be used for and that is heavy duty jobs.

If you ever make the mistake of trying to wash windows or wash your car with this bad boy you will regret it as it will bust the windows out with no problems whatsoever.

This model is used for heavy duty jobs such as brick, cement, driveways and any type of concrete pressure washing.

Also, if you are looking to blast dirt, mold, or grime off of a surface this will do the trick.

Be careful to not let this in the hands of anyone under the age of 18 though as this puppy can rip skin off.


The reason I use a Brute Power Washer is for the pure power that comes with the spraying power.

While 2800 PSI Power washers are not the most powerful that is made, they are pretty high up on the list especially for traditional homeowners.  As a contractor I would recommend this item to anyone that works at a construction site that that lots of mud, dirt, or mold.

We recently used this power washer on an old brick building that was in need of up keeping and were able to do 3,000 square feet of old brick in just under 4 hours.  Obviously, we had a small team when we did this but the power of this unit can eliminate almost any substance on a hard surface.


I did have one problem with a Brute pressure washer 850 series that I bought in 2009 as the valves kept popping off, luckily since this a Briggs & Stratton it comes with a good warranty and they were quick to get it fixed at the local hardware shop where I buy most of my pressure washers.

While common faults isn’t uncommon with pressure washers, getting a solid warranty and a reputable dealer to fix the machines quickly is a problem some people have with some of the cheap power washers on the market.Briggs and Stratton 20593 Gas Pressure Washer review

Briggs & Stratton is one of the best when it comes to recommending and fixing their products with little hassle from the company.


Overall I would give the Brute Power Washer an 8/10 as an overall unit.  It isn’t as versatile as some of the other models and has one speed and that is overdrive.

This Briggs & Stratton Brute pressure washer is aptly named as it does what it says it does and that is rip grime, mold, grease, or whatever substance that a hard surface may have off and it does it quick.

If I had to recommend a pressure washer under 3000 PSI to purchase and I was looking for something with power that came at a good price I would not hesitate to recommend this machine.

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