Simpson Powershot 3200 Pressure Washer Review

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Simpson Powershot 3200 Pressure Washer









  • Powerful
  • Portable
  • Durable


  • Wand is a bit short
  • Not a gas sipper

While working with a number of contractors in different areas of the construction worker I have found many more people that rave about different pressure washers, some I have not had the pleasure of using.

For this post, I have my friend Dave Peters from Peter Painting give a review of one of his favorite machines, the Simpson Powershot 3200 pressure washer. Enjoy!

As the owner of an interior and exterior paint company, I have become intimately acquainted with a number of pressure washers over the years. Never once have I used a pressure washer like this one, and I was so impressed that I felt immediately compelled to write this Simpson Powershot 3200 Pressure Washer review.

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Simpson Pressure WasherThe first aspect of this pressure washer that immediately stood out to me was its versatility.

The Simpson Powershot comes with 5 different spray tip nozzles, which are switched out quickly and easily.

This versatility has allowed to me complete jobs that used to take me a few hours in half the time.

The time I have saved using this pressure washer has given me the opportunity to take on more jobs, and has increased my earnings.


Another valuable aspect of the Simpson Powershot is its impressive power capacity.

I recently used it on a job where a customer had their driveway defaced with spray paint, a job that usually requires more than just a few passes of a residential pressure washer.

But with the Simpson Powershot, I was able to complete the job in just one pass. It was unbelievable how easily the paint came off the driveway.

My client, who came out to watch as I removed the vandalism, was shocked at how quickly the paint was removed. As a matter of fact, I was shocked too.


Simpson Powershot 3200 Pressure Washer ReviewSince I run a relatively small business, it is important that my equipment not take up too much space, and is easy to move around.

The Powershot is smaller than all of the pressure washers I have used in the past, yet packs so much more power.

I have been able to move it in and out of my work van with ease, and have had no trouble whatsoever maneuvering the pressure washer throughout all of my job sites.

Using the Simpson Powershot has been an absolute breeze.


I also place a high level of importance on durability for all of the equipment I use.

Simpson Pressure Washer ReviewEven though I have not had the Simpson Powershot for very long, I can tell it is built to last. I have been around for a long time, and have used every piece of equipment imaginable, so I have a pretty good eye for quality made products.

Simpson is known throughout the industry for the lasting durability of its superior products, and its pressure washer passes my “eye test”.

I hope that you have found this Simpson Powershot 3200 Pressure Washer review helpful. I would recommend this product for anyone, whether you are a contractor with a need for a commercial grade pressure washer, or a homeowner with pressure washing needs.

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It is my personal opinion that the Simpson Powershot will make you a believer, just as it did for me.

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