Hitachi CS33ET14 Chainsaw Review

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Hitachi CS33EDTP 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chainsaw




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Should you buy the Hitachi CS33EDTP Chainsaw?

The Hitachi CS33EDTP Handles Your Home Yard Needs

As a homeowner with basic cutting jobs, you may have considered investing in a chain saw. How do you make a decision about what type of saw to buy? It’s best to evaluate your needs: What type of trimming do you do most? There are plenty of great chain saws to choose from, and investing in the right saw for you is a great way to simplify your yard work. Let’s take a look at one of the outstanding options for the typical homeowner: the Hitachi CS33EDTP CS33EDTP review

A Simple Solution For Your Cutting Needs

The Hitachi CS33EDTP two-stroke, gas–powered, top-handle chain saw is easily one of the leading options for the average homeowner’s trimming jobs. It features a substantial engine without being excessively powerful. A multi-purpose bar and chain meet the demands of shrubbery maintenance as well as heavier tasks. Also included with the saw are a fuel primer bulb and a bar and chain cover to protect your investment. Priced at well below $250, the Hitachi CS33EDTP is the perfect homeowner purchase.

An Engine Size That Exceeds Expectations

One of the greatest fears when choosing an electric or gas chainsaw is whether it will be powerful enough. With a 32cc, 1.6 horsepower, commercial-grade engine, this chain saw packs enough power to tackle even the toughest trimming tasks. Designed with the homeowner in mind, it more than meets your expectations for shrubbery maintenance, limb-trimming jobs, and even small tree-felling tasks. The engine also features an auto-choke return for simplified starts.

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Most reviewers felt that this saw:

  • Met Expectations Of Power – They described it as effective in most around-the-yard tasks, and they even used it to easily fell trees up to 8 inches in diameter.
  • Was A Good Option Instead Of Hand Clippers – Users who were looking to save time and energy found this saw met their expectations.

The size of this engine will not be a good option if you have frequent heavy-duty cutting jobs. Although it can stand up to smaller trees well, it wouldn’t be a good option for regular tree chainsaw review

The Bar And Chain Advantages

With a 14-inch Oregon bar and chain set included, the chain saw provides excellent leverage for heavier jobs, as well as easy handling for smaller, more detailed work. Slightly under the standard homeowner 16-inch size bar, the Hitachi’s bar and chain are set with a 3/8-inch pitch and are structured to reduce kickback for better, safer operation. The chainsaw has a side-access chain tensioner for easy adjustments, and it features an inertia-activated chain break for extra safety.

After trying the saw, users found that they preferred the 14-inch bar to their previously owned longer bar lengths. Some users reported that the saw more than compensated for the shorter length with ease of handling, and that they ultimately liked the 14-inch bar better than a 16-inch or 18-inch.

Despite the fact that a 14-inch bar is lighter and easier to handle, some users felt that the saw should be lighter for its bar length. Some users’ expectations of weight and wield were not met by the Hitachi, and they felt it was slightly heavy for its size.

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Handling Features And Homeowner Use

No matter how frequently you use a chain saw, you want something that starts quickly and is easy to handle. The top-handle design of the Hitachi allows for supreme control, and the ergonomically fitted grip is encased in an Elastomer cover. The saw has a five-point vibration absorption system, designed for extended ease of use. The powerhead weighs 8 lbs. and can support larger bar sizes comfortably.Hitachi CS33EDTP Chainsaw review

Reviewers found that:

  • The Design Was Easier To Use Than Expected – While voicing that the handle design was unusual, users found they preferred the Hitachi’s design for its facile handling.
  • They Could Push The Saw Slightly Beyond What They Expected – The saw is best used for limb-pruning jobs and other around-the-yard trimming, but when an occasional heavy-duty job came up, users found the Hitachi stepped up to the plate.

With a substantial list of satisfied users, and a price to match your budget-conscious finances, the Hitachi CS33EDTP Two-Stroke is a great option for homeowners looking to lighten their yard work. Its strong engine and versatile bar make it an excellent option for your yard-trimming needs.


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