Bosch CCS180BN 18V Cordless Circular Saw Review

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Bosch CCS180BN 18V Cordless Circular Saw






Ease of Use



  • Ergonomic
  • Light
  • Good safety features


  • No work light
  • Underpowered

The New Cordless Circular Saw from Bosch: The CCS180BN

The vaunted circular saw – a useful tool that never seems to go out of style – has long been a staple of the working person’s toolbox.

For much of that time, the circular saw had a tail; the long cord plugged into an extension cable that runs back to the closest power outlet. Well, now we have rechargeable batteries, fairly good providers of energy, and from that the bright engineers out there created cordless power tools.

Bosch, long a leader in building anything electric or electronic, has taken on the challenge of the cord-free and presents to craftspeople the Bosch CCS180BN 18V cordless lithium-ion 6.5 inch circular saw.


Bosch pushes things to the edge with the Bosch CCS180BN 18-volt cordless 6.5 inch circular saw through its powerful motor capable of turning the non-engaged blade at 3900 RPM, slightly above standard here.

That is enabled by the 2.6 amp-hour 18-volt lithium-ion FatPack battery which is recharged in less than 30 minutes.

Changing the blade is made simple with a spindle locking mechanism and the included wrench. An exclusive anti-snag lower guard makes work with that blade easy, and a heavy-duty aluminum shoe and upper guard protect things for enhanced durability.

They have added a very visible depth of cut gauge, and the shoe is adjustable up to a 50º bevel, so it is flexible as well. The saw can cut to 2 inches at 90º, 1.56 inches at 45º, and 1.38 inches at the 50º limit.

Ergonomic handle and fore-grip are rubber-coated to keep things from getting too shaken up and, at only 6.6 pounds (3 kg), it can be used all day long on any task it suits.

The Bosch CCS180BN 18V cordless circular saw is one of the easiest to use, in fact, as it can fit anywhere at only 12.5 inches long.

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Cordless circular saws are not supposed to be as easy to use as the Bosch CCS180BN 18V; it is light, small and will work side by side with anyone all day long.

Gripping the tool feels quite natural and its ergonomics will fit a wide array of different sized users. The motor is strong and is highly capable of taking on jobs large and small, long and short.

The 18-volt FatPack battery is very strong and it holds out very well, even beating out competitor’s offerings by a small amount, which is certainly due to its lithium-ion construction.Bosch CCS180BN circular saw review

Snagging while cutting is not possible thanks to the lower guard design, and it is easy to stay on line thanks to the sturdy shoe and guide – though an LED work light would be nice. Charging time is as advertised or better, so it might help to buy a second battery; one in the tool, one in the charger.

Bosch has a definite winner with the CCS180BN 18V cordless circular saw due to how well it does the job for which it is made and because it is a well made tool which is perfectly capable of outlasting any in its class.

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Buying The CCS180BN

Suggested retail for the CCS180BN 18V cordless 6.5 inch circular saw is about $550 but, as usual, it can be found for less; usually between $284 and $300.

You can buy the CCS180BN as a bare tool or in a kit. The kit includes the CCS180BN 18V cordless 6.5 inch circular saw, an 18-volt FatPack lithium-ion battery, a 30-minute battery charger, a blade wrench, and the 6.5 inch blade.

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