Ridgid Circular Saw Review: The R3210

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Ridgid R3210 Circular Saw









  • Ergonomic
  • Excellent warranty
  • Good price


  • Don't get any accessories
  • Changing the blade is difficult

Ridgid R3210 Circular Saw Review

The production and marketing of circular saws is an ever improving series of innovations and fancier features.

But, what do you do when you simply need a good saw at a reasonable price? Well, you turn to the basic, reliable, and simple corded circular saw – runs strong, cuts through anything, and it doesn’t cost a small fortune in extra batteries.

In this series of our circular saw reviews, we present the Ridgid R3210, a simple, well-built corded circular saw.

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For heavy and sustained use, the Ridgid R3210 circular saw uses a 15 amp motor which is capable of an unladen 5800 RPM.circular saw reviews

Blade Size

An industry-standard 7¼ inch blade, with a 5/8 inch (16 mm) arbor size, is coupled with an all aluminum base plate which allows for cutting to 2.25 inches (57 mm) deep at 90° and 1.75 inches (45 mm) at its 45° limit.


Protecting the blade are magnesium guards, both on top and bottom, in order to make it as light as possible. The rip fence is sold separately.


In fact, this saw is about mid-pack with its competition in terms of weight; 11.2 pounds (5 kg) reads the scale. Being as relatively lightweight as it is, and balanced well, precise cuts are very easy with this tool.

Cord Length

Its cord is a nicely long ten feet (3 meters), which is above normal, so the saw is quite versatile.


A well-sculpted, rubber-coated grip helps make it easy to pull the light-touch trigger and an equally comfortable forward grip provides the ultimate in control.

Ridgid Power Tools Warranty

Ridgid even includes a three-year warranty and the Ridgid lifetime service agreement is available upon product registration of the R3210.


ridgid circular sawImpressive handling leads to great control and quality cuts; this Ridgid circular saw has that and more. 

Even home hobbyists looking for a saw to cut the larger bits of work will be impressed with how easy the R3210 is to maneuver while it’s chomping wood. Those comfortable handles and the heft allow for all day slicing.


The blade provided with the unit is a 24-tooth thin kerf blade with carbide tips; it cuts sharply and is fairly durable, so it is a nice choice for this saw.


Changing the Blade

The one problem comes from this – not the blade itself, but the button used to facilitate changing the blade is far too difficult to operate. It will loosen up with use, hopefully.

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What’s In The Box

When purchasing the Ridgid R3210, all you get is the circular saw itself and a 24-tooth blade, but additional components (rip fence, carrying case, etc.) are sold separately and at reasonable prices.Ridgid R3210 circular saw review


What does set the Ridgid R32021 circular saw apart from the other makes is what you get for how much you pay. No, there is no fancy case, but the R3210 is a tool which surely qualifies for one.

The Ridgid R32021 is definitely on the list of the best corded circular saws.

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