Makita 5007MG Circular Saw Review

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Makita 5007MG Circular Saw




Ease of Use





  • Powerful
  • Ergonomic
  • Well priced


  • Corded
  • Almost too light

How Does the Makita 5007MG Stack Up?

Those of us who work around the house, or out in the rough and tumble world of construction, and make use of the near miracle that is a circular saw know well how much power the saw needs to handle the jobs it often faces.

For the more difficult of those, a circular saw which uses AC power instead of a battery will do better for longer. Makita wants to help you with every bit of the tough work, and they have done this by producing the Makita 5007MG circular saw.
Makita 5007MG review


Power Supply

The power supply for the Makita 5007MG circular saw is actually a bit more flexible than most as it possesses an AC/DC switch allowing it to use both power inputs; the standard eight foot power cord is designed for 110 / 120 volts, however.


The 5007MG uses a 15 Amp motor which can drive the blade – unladen – up to 5800 RPM for some awesome cutting power with its 7¼ inch (184 mm) standard blade sporting a 5/8 (16 mm) inch arbor size. That motor is coddled using a sophisticated centrifugal fan and baffle; a cool motor is a powerful motor.

Electric Brake

An inbuilt electric brake helps keep the work moving along at a brisk pace, and the heavy-gauge aluminum base is designed to hold up to worksite abuse and always give a straight cut.

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Makita 5007MG circular sawEven with this durability, the Makita keeps things light for the hard working tradesman – the 5007MG tips the scales at 10.6 pounds (4.8 kg), and stands as one of the lightest in its class.


With a 45° bevel capacity it is capable of a 1.75 inch (45 mm) maximum cutting depth; at 90° it can do 2.375 inch (60 mm).


To assist with all that cutting, a super-bright LED illuminates your cut line – the switch for this light is separate from the trigger – so you can be sure the saw is on the right line before the cut.


Along with the Makita 5007MG circular saw, the kit includes one carbide-tipped, blue-coated MForce blade, a rip fence, blade wrench/spanner, and a fancy plastic Makita case.


Well-balanced, accurate, and powerful are all adjectives which belong in front of the Makita 5007MG circular saw.

corded circular sawThe LED is excellent and allows the saw to show the user exactly where the cut is going – it is exceedingly useful.

The included blade is good, but there are better on the market and you might want to look – since this saw is seriously reliable, the only worry will be keeping a sharp blade.

The light weight of the 5007MG allows for continued use when users of other brands are massaging their arms.

And, the electric brake does exactly what it should so that moving from one cut to another is almost instant – no more waiting for the blade to stop spinning.

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All in all, the Makita 5007MG is one of the better choices for the workaday handyman/woman looking for a professional saw at a consumer price.


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