Karcher T250 Deck & Driveway Surface Cleaner Review

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Karcher T250 Pressure Washer Deck and Surface Cleaner Attachment




Ease of Use





  • Easy to use
  • Efficient
  • Good value


  • Doesn't work as well with lower PSI units (obviously)
  • Doesn't work as well uphill
  • Have to own a Karcher pressure washer

Karcher T250 Pressure Washer Attachment for Decks, Siding, Driveways, Etc.

Karcher has always been a household name for any homeowner who is greatly concerned about the cleanliness of their home.

For quite some time, people have been using the garden hose for cleaning their patios, driveways and pavements, and needless to say the results were never as good as expected.

clean deck with Karcher pressure washer attachment

Cleans decks easily and evenly

Their brand of power washers has now quelled all worries with the top-notch features they offer at affordable prices.

The Karcher T250 Deck and Driveway Surface Cleaner is one awesome appliance you should consider adding to your collection of cleaning appliances.

With its wide path cleaning capabilities, it saves so much time and reduces the amount of effort required to achieve the perfect clean thus making it the ideal attachment for your Karcher pressure washer.

Its ease of maneuverability and portability is also a great plus for this piece of equipment from Karcher. Check out its features and specifications for a better feel of what it has to offer.

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Key features of the T250

  1. Time saving.
    With a wide bottom that can clean up to 11 Inches wide with a single pass, this attachment can be used to clean up wider areas.This makes it ideal for larger cleaning tasks as it cleans a larger area at a time as compared to using the nozzles.Using this attachment will surely save you so much time and energy.
  2. Cleans better with lesser effort.
    In addition to its capability to clean a wider area at a time, this power washer attachment directs a high pressure stream of water directly onto the targeted surface as it features 2 nozzles at its bottom.These two nozzles spin at high speed thus ensuring that all the dirt and streaks are made loose and gotten rid of.

    pressure wash siding attachment

    Cleans siding easily

    This attachment has a feature that keeps its 2 nozzles at constant pressure and at a fixed height from the surface during cleaning thus ensuring that each and every streak is gotten rid of.

    Generally, addition of the Karcher Deck and Driveway Surface Cleaner to your pressure washer will not only save on time but will also save on the amount of effort required to clean up a surface as compared to using just the power washer nozzle.

  3. Water efficient.

    Right now, the whole world is all about finding machines that are conservative of natural resources. With great demand for water all over the globe, it is a necessary step to ensure that we use this resource with great care. Karcher actually had this is mind when manufacturing the T250.With a wider cleaning surface that cleans up to 11 Inches per sweep, this machine is the ultimate choice for anyone who has water conservation in mind.

    Though Karcher pressure washers are already water efficient, addition of this attachment ensures that for each gallon of water, an even larger surface is cleaned as compared to when using only the nozzle.

  4. Convenient.
    A machine that can provide maximum convenience is usually a love for most buyers. After all, a machine is meant to make work easier for the user and this comes in the form of convenience.The Karcher Deck and Driveway Surface Cleaner is the appliance to look out for in case you are searching for convenience in your cleaning needs.This attachment can be used to clean both vertical and horizontal surfaces with ease.

    It comes with handles that come in handy in manipulating it as you clean vertical surfaces.

    Karcher power washer accessories

    Works with all Karcher power washers up to 2,000 PSI

    This appliance can be used to clean sidings, walls, doors, patios, driveways, lawn furniture and floors just to name a few.

    Its 2 spinning nozzles release water at high pressure thus cleaning is made even easier.

    In addition to this, this attachment is compatible to all Karcher electric pressure washers thus giving it an upper hand in terms of versatility and reliability.

    It can work well with any Karcher power washer with a pressure rating of up to 2000 Psi.

  5. Easy to use.
    With easy and quick connection to the pressure washer hand trigger nozzle, this appliance can be set up in seconds.It also has the ability to clean up to 11 Inches wide with a single pass.This ensures that less time is spent for a large area and a perfect clean.Its high speed spinning nozzles located at its bottom surface produce a hovering effect that ensures that moving it over any surface is easier.

    This also ensures that maneuverability of this appliance is easier thus makes cleaning easier and faster.

    It also features 2 handles that make manipulation during cleaning much easier.

    Its weight, size and design also make moving it from place to place much easier.

  6. Affordable.
    Going at slightly below $50 in most stores, this machine is very affordable. For an appliance that hosts these top-notch features, a price tag of less than 50 bucks is quite a value.

Customer reviews and scores of the T250

Check Amazon for the latest reviews but as of right now, over 200 people think this attachment is the bee’s knees, giving it an average of 4 stars.

This power washer attachment is a love for most homeowners due to the fact that it produces quality results.

With its 2 nozzles that spin at high speed, it produces a hovering effect that makes maneuvering it a cinch.

A reviewer by the name MAT says that it makes cleaning his concrete patio and sidewalk a breeze. He also adds that it is well made and sturdy and that you only need to ensure that all the connecting collars between the parts are tightly turned. He says that it is the best power washing accessory.

Another reviewer by the name Ferenz says that it gets concrete cleaned with ease and that it works as advertised. He says that he used the attachment to clean rough concrete embedded with algae and dirt and he was very pleased with the end result and also the speed at which it cleaned the area.

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T 250 Cons

  1. Quite slow when lower water pressure is used.
    Whenever this attachment is used with lower water pressure settings, it does not produce the best results.This pressure washer attachment transmits the pressure produced by the power washer being used and it only directs it to the targeted place.

     Karcher pressure washer accessories

    Works with all Karcher pressure washers up to 2,000 PSI

    By using lower water pressure, this attachment will also not produce water at high pressure thus a correspondingly slower speed.

    This machine works best with Karcher electric pressure washers that have a pressure rating of 2000 Psi or closer.

  2. Does not produce best results when cleaning uphill.
    Unlike a vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner that sucks in the water, this attachment only releases water at high pressure.This gets rid of the dirt and it flows with the water.When working in an uphill direction, the dirty water tends to flow back to the already cleaned areas.This means that the surfaces will not stay free from dirt.For this appliance to work best, you should clean starting from uphill as you move downwards so as to allow the water to flow down with the dirt.

    It also works well on flat surfaces.

Check full specs of the T250


The Karcher Deck and Driveway Surface Cleaner, T250 is definitely the accessory of choice for anyone who wants to achieve perfect results without having to use so much effort. Karcher pressure washer attachment

In addition to this, you also get to save on time and water as this attachment is not only fast but also water-efficient.

Not to be disguised is the fact that this power washer attachment is compatible with all Karcher electric pressure washers with a water pressure rating of up to 2000 Psi thus more convenient and versatile.

Its ability to clean wider surfaces at a time means that it can be used with much ease for larger cleaning tasks.

The Karcher T250 Deck and Driveway Surface Cleaner is the perfect attachment anyone would need to make their cleaning tasks much easier.

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