Top 3 Campbell Hausfeld Electric Pressure Washers Reviewed

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Campbell Hausfeld Pressure Washer Reviews

You may know Campbell Hausfeld as a well respected and popular manufacturer of air compressors and various air tools, but they also have an extensive lineup of pressure washers. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that Campbell Hausfeld does a great job of standing behind their products. They aren’t the most popular brand of washers out there, but I think they have a couple models worthy of your consideration. Here are my top 3 picks in the lineup of Campbell Hausfeld electric pressure washers.

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1) Campbell Hausfeld PW182501AV Campbell Hausfeld PW182501AV Electric Pressure Washer, 1900 psi review

This is their largest residential grade electric model and it is a perfect size for normal tasks around the house. Clocking in at 1800 PSI and 1.5 gallons per minute of flow, this washer has plenty of power for washing the car, deck, siding, RV, ATV, etc. I’ve found that this size washer can handle spraying vinyl siding clean, but don’t expect to clean a 2nd story with it – just not enough power. With that said, anything close range is fair game for a washer of this size and I think you’d rarely find yourself wanting for a bigger unit for typical household jobs. This model includes a 1 liter detergent tank for easy use of soap or cleaners. Also has pump-saving on/off technology that shuts the pump down when you aren’t pulling the trigger. The only complaint about this model I have is the cheap plastic hose connection that is almost guaranteed to leak – replace it with a copper piece and you’re good to go.

2) Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 Campbell Hausfeld PW135002AV Electric Pressure Washer, 1500 psi review

This little guy is probably the least expensive pressure washer that I’m able to recommend to friends and family. I actually bought one of these for my aunt to use on her vinyl deck. This handheld model produces a modest 1350 PSI and an adjustable wand that will spray from 0 to 60 degrees – you can’t really ask for much more than that for the price. A perfect device for those inexperienced with pressure washers or needing a lighter unit that they can easily carry around. This will have enough power to wash the car, vinyl decking or fence, and lighter work on the driveway. Due to the cost of this model, they can be a little hit or miss with quality control – my advice is to make sure that you’ve used the model several times over the course of the 1 year warranty period. If you get a lemon you’re very likely to know it within the first 5 times using the machine. Campbell Hausfeld has proven itself very good at customer service in these situations.

3) Campbell Hausfeld PW1835 Campbell Hausfeld PW1835 1800 PSI Electric Pressure Washer review

This model is virtually identical to the PW1825 other than a couple of finer details. Both feature the same 1800 PSI pump with 1.5 gpm – however the 1835 has a built in hose reel and place for handy wand storage. Again, not a big difference here, and some dislike using the hose reels with cheap and stiff hose anyway, but I think it’s worth considering. If you ever replace the factory hose with a more flexible alternative the reel could really come in handy. For the added convenience the reel and wand storage could offer you, the prices seem to be very similar.

Campbell Hausfeld PW1625 1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer review Bonus Pick: Campbell Hausfeld PW1625

Alright, I know I said top 3 but there is one more I feel like I should mention. The PW1625 is the middle ground between the options mentioned above. It provides 1600 PSI of pressure and 1.4 gallons per minute of flow. Nothing exceptional there, but the real reason I felt like I had to mention it? I’ve seen these for only 10 bucks more than the PW1350. That’s a deal worth taking a look at. Thanks for viewing this and I hope you enjoyed our review of Campbell Hausfeld pressure washers

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