Earthwise CS30016 16-Inch 12 amp Electric Chain Saw Review

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Earthwise CS30116 Electric 12 Amp Chain Saw, 16






Ease of Use



  • Chain tension feature
  • Has an oil level window
  • Light


  • Needs adjustment for first use

Earthwise CS30016 16-Inch 12 amp Electric Chain Saw Review: Ecologically Friendly

We had some pretty big storms happen this year, which took down quite a few trees on our property. I had always intended to build a pole barn on our property, so I figured that Mother Nature did me a favor by taking trees down in the area where I wanted to build. My next challenge, though, was to clear out all the trees that fell.

I started comparison shopping and reading chain saw reviews for a few weeks, until I found the model that I thought would be best for this job. I purchased the Earthwise CS30016 16-Inch 12 amp Electric Chain Saw as my chain saw of choice, and have been cutting with it ever since.

Earthwise Electric Chain Saw Review

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I like the fact that I picked up an electric chain saw. I try to be ecologically friendly when I can. I know I’m not going to save the environment by skipping over the gas powered chain saws, but it’s good to know that I am not putting out any emissions when I cut wood. Hey, we all have to do what we can right?

Even if they are little things, they add up over time. Plus, it’s nice not breathing in exhaust when I’m cutting. I thought that going electric would mean that I wouldn’t get the cutting power I need, but I was wrong about that. The Earthwise CS30016 16-Inch Electric Chain Saw has plenty of power to handle tough cutting jobs.

Here are its specs:

  • 12 amp motor
  • 16” bar and chain
  • Automatic oiling
  • Oil level window

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I love the Tool-less chain tension feature. There’s nothing worse than having to deal with getting out the tool box every time a chain needs to be adjusted. With this feature, the Earthwise folks have made adjusting the chain as easy as can be.

The oil level window makes it easy to keep an eye on the oil levels. In order to get a longer life from any chain saw, you have to make sure that it stays lubricated. With an easy-to-see oil window, I know when I need to fill it up without having to guess.

The Earthwise CS30016 16-Inch 12 amp Electric Chain Saw is very light. I have had to climb up in a few trees to take down dead branches. With a heavy gas powered chain saw, these kinds of climbs can be a real pain. With the Earthwise CS30016, it’s very easy to climb and cut.


You have to adjust the chain before the first use of this chain saw. This isn’t a huge deal, but I was ready to get it out of the box and start cutting. It only took 5 minutes to read the documentation and adjust it correctly.

Every once in a while, the cord will pull loose and I have to reattach it. I don’t think this is a flaw, so much as it is me forgetting that I’m dealing with an electric chainsaw, and not a gas powered model.

With plenty of power, a lightweight design and plenty of features to make cutting easier, the Earthwise CS30016 Electric Chain Saw is a great saw to have for average use around the house. Small trees, branches and brush cutting are simple to do with this powerful electric chain saw.

The added benefits of quiet operation and no emissions makes this a great saw for people who don’t want to deal with constantly mixing gas and oil to fuel their chain saw.

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