Bosch GTS1031 10″ Portable Table Saw Review

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Bosch GTS1031 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw






Ease of Use



  • Portable
  • Powerful
  • Safe


  • Heavy
  • No lifetime warranty

The Bosch GTS1031 – The Best Yet?

The table saw is a very important tool for any professional woodworker. A lot of the things done afterwards depend on how well the saw has performed. So, it is necessary to buy a good table saw that will fulfill the diverse woodworking needs of a professional woodworker.

The Bosch GTS1031 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw Features

  • Heavy duty all steel base for durabilityBosch GTS1031 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw Features
  • One handed carry handle
  • Very compact
  • Square lock rip fence
  • Everything can be stored under the table
  • 4 HP 15 amp motor
  • 5000 RPM max no-load speed
  • Smart guard safety system
  • Dust collection port
  • 18 In. rip capacity

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Highly Portable

There are different types of saws available in the market. However, not all of them are highly portable. It is important that you buy a portable one because you will not want your saw to be sitting in your workstation all day while you move from one job site to another.

That is why the demand for a portable table saw is very high. The Bosch GTS1031 is designed to be highly portable. It has all the features a highly portable saw should have.

You can easily carry the GTS1031 with only one hand with the padded handle located right in the centre of one of the sides. This handle is well balanced and very comfortable.

bosch gts1031 jobsite table saw reviewThe body of the GTS1031 is designed in such a way that you can fit every accessory like the miter gauge, wrenches, rip fence, and push stick under the table when you are done working with the saw. So, it becomes much easier to carry it from one job site to another.

The total weight of this Bosch table saw is 52 pounds. So, it is heavier than some of the other portable table saws in the market. However, the clever design of this saw has made it possible to carry it without any extra hassle.

Powerful and Safe to Use

Although the GTS1031 is very compact and portable, it comes with a very powerful 4 hp 15 amp motor that can handle even the toughest woodworking tasks. You are able to cut hardwood or pressure treated lumber easily with this saw.

Another big concern of any woodworker is accidents. There is a possibility of accidents when the job involves a power tool. As a result, most modern day power tools have safety features.

The Bosch GTS1031 saw is equipped with Bosch’s unique smart guard system. This system comprises of the blade guard, riving knife and the anti-kickback pawls. These safety features can easily be removed and you can clip them onto the unit so that you do not leave the behind.

Another noticeable thing is the dust collection port. This can be connected to a shop-vac to clean the saw dust.


  • Bosch gts1031 review

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    This saw is highly portable. So, you can easily carry it form one job site to another.

  • The powerful motor can handle any kind of materials
  • This saw is very safe and easy to use as it comes with Bosch’s unique smart guard system.


  • This saw is heavier than some other portable saws in the same category
  • Does not feature a soft-start motor. So, the product life may get reduced with heavy usage
  • Does not include a dado throat plate

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Overall, this is the saw to have if you prefer portability and want to carry your table saw to different jobsites with ease.

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