Ridgid R4510 Heavy-Duty Table Saw Review

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Ridgid R4510 Portable Table Saw






Ease of Use



  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to set up
  • Good stand


  • Heavy, hard to move
  • Undersized
  • Underpowered

Ridgid’s Portable Table Saw: The R4510

In terms of engineering and design, the Ridgid R4510 Heavy-Duty Portable Table Saw serves the work of cutting and carpentry very well. The superior standard and design makes this saw classic and more convenient than many other saws.

Ridgid R4510 Heavy-Duty Portable Table Saw Features

  • The saw includes plenty of on-board storage space which can serve the purpose of hand tools and replacement blades.
  • There are the single – handle and micro adjust fence for height adjustments.
  • The blade guard is tool-free for changes and adjustments.
  • The 15 amp motor is powerful and comes with a soft-start feature for precise and smooth cutting.
  • The wheels and easy folding makes this saw easily portable.
  • This saw comes with a stand, rip fence, meter gauge, tipped blade, push stick, anti – kickback pawls, blade guard assembly, operator’s manual and blade wrenches.

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Powerful Cutting and Fine Adjustments

Ridgid R4510 Table Saw Review

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This table saw produces powerful cutting results with the 15 amp motor and comes with the built in micro adjust fence that facilitates fine adjustments.

For more controlled adjustments during cutting, there is a T –Slot meter gauge which allows smooth and vibration free cutting on any type of material.

With all the other accessories included, it is the perfect saw for jobsites.

It is because the on-board storage holds the meter gauge, rip fence, extra blades, blade guard assembly, and power cord.

Accuracy in Cutting

With a durable and long lasting motor, Ridgid R4510 Heavy-Duty Portable Table Saw enables accuracy in cutting and reduces breaker tipping and vibration. With height adjustments and dimension accuracy, this saw has enhanced ripping capacity of 25 inches, but is still portable.

The weight is 122 pounds which makes it heavy to stay in place while cutting and is perfect for heavy professional usage. With precise cutting, the rip fence and blade slides very smoothly.

It also has a split blade guard for bevel cuts, thorough and non – thorough cuts. The onboard tool and cord storage also work great.

Pros of Using the Ridgid R4510 Heavy-Duty Portable Table Saw

  • The gravity rise stand is very good and is convenient to fold and unfold.Ridgid R4510 jobsite saw with stand
  • The left side of the stand supports the objects when ripping them.
  • The right side of the table enlarges to 25″ inches which let the table slide out and push the locking lever back down
  • This saw has a lifetime service warranty from the date of purchase to the original purchaser.
  • Very easy setup with 5 minutes to unpack the saw, 5 minutes to put the rip fence and 15 minutes to read the manual before use.

Cons of Using the Ridgid R4510 Heavy-Duty Portable Table Saw

  • This saw is not a full-sized cabinet saw, but rather comes in a size smaller than that.
  • The 10 inch saw will not go deep enough into the body of objects.
  • The saw is hard to maneuver, because it weighs more than 100 pounds.
  • Even though this saw is thought to be appropriate for professional use at jobsites, but it more convenient for home rather than worksites.

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With all the pros and cons, this heavy duty portable table saw is still powerful that allows smooth and precise cutting which can be used by anyone whether novice or professional.

You can do your own carpentry work at home with the help of this durable and powerful table saw.


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