2024‘s Best Table Saws

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Craftsman EvolvBudget Table Saw15 Amp4.1$

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DeWALT DW745Portable Table Saw15 Amp4.6$$

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DeWALT DWE7491RSJobsite Table Saw15 Amp4.5$$$

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Grizzly G0690Cabinet Table Saw3 HP4.5$$$$$

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SawStop CNS175-TGP36Contractor Table Saw1.75 HP4.1$$$$$

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Shop Fox W1837Hybrid Table Saw2 HP3.9$$$$

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A table saw is a table saw, right?

It’s a spinning blade that’s attached to a bench. How much of a variety can there be?

But you know better.

There is a vast gulf between cheap table saws and ones that will safely provide accurate cuts.

Whether you’re a woodworker, contractor, or just a DIY homeowner, picking a good table saw can save you hours of frustration down the road.

What to Look For When Choosing a Table Saw

Not all table saws are made equal.

There are four main criteria when looking at table saws: fit, safety, size, and dust collection.

Let’s look at all four of those factors.


If a table saw is made sloppily, it won’t produce accurate cuts.

Without accurate cuts, your wood won’t fit together properly, and you’ll curse the day you bought a cheap saw!

The three main areas to look at are the miter gauge, rip fence, and the table’s flatness

Miter GaugeMiter gauge for table saw

You use the miter gauge to ensure that your measurements are accurate, so if anything is out-of-square with the miter gauge, your entire operation will be inaccurate.

This can be especially frustrating since a lot of a table saw’s versatility comes from the miter gauge.

The miter gauge should be sturdy and lock up tight. There should also be no slop in the miter slots.

The actual shape of the miter slots doesn’t matter, so long as the miter gauge fits well in them.

Rip Fence

Like the miter gauge, the rip fence can be moved to different positions based on how you need a specific piece of wood cut.table saw fence

Make sure that it sits tight and square when tightened.

Also, repeatability is important. If you can move the fence from one position to another then back to the first without being off by 1/16″, you’ll have consistent cuts.

Finally, if you work with thin wood pieces often, ensure that the fence sits close enough to the table to stop the wood.


Table saws have a table. In order for your cuts to be accurate, that table needs to be flat to within 0.005″.

Otherwise, one end will lift the piece of wood up and mess up your angles just enough to muck up the whole project.

Often there are table extensions; these need to fit tightly and be square with the central table as well.


A metal saw blade spinning at thousands of RPM can cut through more than just wood.

My most important consideration when looking at a new table saw is safety.

Will it endanger my life to use?

Also, is the safety equipment easy to use?

A blade guard that blocks your sight or gets stuck in the way is almost worse than no blade guard at all!

Blade Guards

A blade guard covers the top of the saw blade so only enough to cut the wood is uncovered.

That way, even if you bump into the saw blade, you won’t lose a hand.

You want a clear blade guard that is easy to see through. It should also move out of the way easily when you need it to.

Emergency Stop Switch

A large, easily seen and pressed stop switch is another vital emergency feature. If something unexpected happens, you need to be able to turn off the saw immediately, not in a bit.

For this reason, I appreciate paddle-style switches which can be activated using your leg.

Sometimes you don’t have enough hands to do everything at once and a well-positioned switch lets you turn the blade off with your knee.

Riving Knife or Splitter

Both riving knives and splitters sit behind the saw blade to prevent wood from closing up and getting caught in the rear of the blade then kicking back at you.

A splitter is simply a piece of metal that sits behind the saw somewhere while a riving knife is a more advanced piece of metal that moves as you move the saw blade.

Both will help prevent kickback but a riving knife is more effective.

Anti-Kickback Pawls anti-kickback pawl table saw safety device riving knife blade brake

Unless you’re only partially sawing through wood or making a dado cut, an anti-kickback pawl can help prevent a kickback incident.

These pawls sit to the side, behind the saw, above the wood. They have teeth underneath that face one direction.

As long as the wood travels in the direction it should, the pawls just lightly scrape the top of the wood. But if the wood kicks back, the teeth catch the wood to prevent it from moving anywhere.

A good thing about anti-kickback pawls is that though they don’t come with most table saws, it’s easy to install your own.

Blade Brakes

What if the other safety mechanisms fail and your hand touches the blade anyway?

With a normal table saw, the saw does nasty things to your limb.

However, if you have a SawStop blade brake cartridge attached to your table saw, the blade stops immediately and your hand is saved!

The blade will be damaged in the process but replacing a saw blade is much better than visiting the emergency room.


The size of the saw depends on what you’re going to do with it.

Generally, the larger the saw, the better. A larger saw will be heavier and therefore less likely to move during use, so you’ll cut more accurately.

However, not everyone has room for a giant saw in their shop.

Also, if you need to transport the saw to a job site, something compact will work better for you than a huge contractor’s saw.

Dust Collection

elipse p100 half respirator table saw dust mask for personal protection equipment health and safety

It’s a good idea to wears a dust mask even if your table saw has a built-in dust collection system

An often-overlooked factor in choosing table saws is how well it deals with the dust.

Sawdust is an inevitable result from cutting wood. Left uncollected, it can gunk up your motor and lead to overheating.

Wood dust can even cause health problems, according to the CDC.

Cabinet table saws have the advantage here because they often include a sawdust collection system.

Conversely, contractor’s saws are often open, because the presumption is that you’ll use them outdoors where the wind will carry off the sawdust.

But if you stick that contractor’s table saw in a garage, well, you’ll get buried in sawdust.

The Best Table Saws

Now that you know what to look for in a table saw, let’s go over a list of some of the best table saws for your purpose.

Craftsman Evolv – Best Table Saw for DIY Homeowners

Specs Craftsman Evolv 15 amp 10 inch small homeowner table saw review

  • Blade Size: 10″
  • Maximum Depth of Cut: 3″
  • Rip Capacity: 25″
  • Motor: 15 amp
  • Dimensions: 26″ wide x 17″ deep x 36″ high

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Even if you don’t make your living by the saw, you still want a good saw.

Bad table saws are more trouble than they are worth.

But a good table saw can easily cost over a thousand dollars, and if you’re doing it yourself to save money, that might not save you anything!

Thankfully, the Craftsman Evolv is a perfectly adequate table saw for small household projects.

You won’t be able to build a house with this table saw but you’ll be able to accomplish projects around your home!

The Craftsman Evolv comes with anti-kickback pawls, a riving knife, and a two-guard system for safety.

It comes with a stand so you can position it where you need to do the work but is small enough to easily carry to another room.


  • Lightweight at 50 lbs and easy to move
  • Least expensive table saw on this list
  • Quiet
  • Good amount of adjustability


  • Low-quality miter gauge
  • Poor dust collection


If you need a table saw for occasional projects around the home, the Craftsman Evolv can handle your needs.

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DeWALT DW745 – Best Compact Portable Table Saw

Specs DeWALT DW745 10 inch compact job site table saw review

  • Blade Size: 10″
  • Maximum Depth of Cut: 3 1/8″
  • Rip Capacity: 20″
  • Motor: 15 amp
  • Dimensions: 26.5″ wide x 25.75″ deep x 13.87″ high

See full specs


You don’t always need a large table saw. Sometimes you need a small table saw which you can toss in your car and take to a job site.

The DeWALT DW745 is perfect for this purpose.

It is a very compact table saw, weighing in at only 45 lbs. A steel roll cage protects the saw from any bumps or drops.

If you want, you can add on a stand. You also need a Shop-Vac to use the dust collection port.

The small size does have some drawbacks. The rip capacity is a scant 20″, and that’s using telescoping rails for the rip fence.

DeWALT added in some good safety features, too. You get blade guards, a riving knife, and anti-kickback pawls.

If you want to read more about the DeWALT DW745, you can find an in-depth article here.


  • Steel roll cage
  • Can connect to a vacuum cleaner to saw for dust collection
  • Weighs only 45 lbs, making it ultra-portable
  • Safety features have quick-disconnects for when you need to remove them


  • Poor dado blade compatibility
  • Small rip capacity
  • The dust port doesn’t collect most of the dust
  • Plastic miter gauge


If you need a portable table saw, the Dewalt DW745 is your best choice.

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DeWALT DWE7491RS – Best Jobsite Table Saw

Specs DeWALT DWF7491RS 10 inch jobsite mobile portable rolling stand table saw review

  • Blade Size: 10″
  • Maximum Depth of Cut: 3 1/8″
  • Rip Capacity: 32 1/2″
  • Motor: 15 amp
  • Dimensions: 31″ wide x 24.5″ deep x 31″ high

See full specs


DeWALT has portability covered on the larger end as well.

The DeWALT DWE7491RS is a full-sized table saw with a 32 and 1/2″ rip capacity that has a built-in rolling stand.

You can use this table saw in your home shop, fold up its legs, load it onto your truck, then use it at a job site with zero issues!

The size also makes it extremely versatile. This table saw can be used for hobby woodworking or ripping framing lumber.

You can hook a Shop-Vac up to the 2 1/2″ dust collection port to suck up the sawdust.

For safety, there is a knee-level off switch, blade guards, and two riving knives.

Like the DeWALT DW745, more information is available here.


  • Built-in folding legs, wheels, and multiple steel handles for portability.
  • Very adjustable and lockable rip fence
  • Low-quality miter gauge
  • Sawdust can jam the rack-and-pinion rail system
  • Large rip capacity


  • Requires a Dado Throat Plate to use dado blades
  • The blade does not lock in place
  • Small dust port


If you need a table saw that works just as well on the go as at home, the Dewalt DWE7491RS is a great choice.

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Grizzly G0690 – Best Cabinet Table Saw

Specs Grizzly G0690 cabinet table saw review

  • Blade Size: 10″
  • Maximum Depth of Cut: 3 1/8″
  • Rip Capacity: 29 1/2″
  • Motor: 3 horsepower
  • Dimensions: 62″ wide x 41″ deep x 40″ high

See full specs


The best table saws are not portable. They weigh hundreds of pounds, which gives them the stability of a grizzly bear.

The appropriately named Grizzly G0690 is the best cabinet-style table saw. Everything under the table is enclosed for optimum dust collection, with a 4″ dust port.

The 3 HP Leeson motor can saw through the densest wood with ease.

Everything under the saw is solid, with a triple belt drive and cast iron trunnions.

For safety, there is a blade guard, a riving knife, and an emergency stop at knee height.

The saw is set up for a lifetime of use. The cast iron top has been hardened and the fence assembly is reinforced with nylon runners.

You can even add on a mobile base with wheels, if you want to.


  • Extremely stable
  • Powerful motor
  • High machining standards
  • Easy to adjust and tune


  • Long assembly time
  • Extremely heavy and hard to move, even with the mobility base accessory


The Grizzly G0690 is a powerful, well-made cabinet table saw that won’t spew dust all over your workshop.

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SawStop CNS175-TGP36 – Best Contractor’s Table Saw

Specs SawStop CNS175-TGP36 contractor table saw with blade brake emergency safety stop system

  • Blade Size: 10″
  • Maximum Depth of Cut: 3 1/8″
  • Rip Capacity: 36″
  • Motor: 1.75 horsepower
  • Dimensions: 69 1/8″ wide x 45″ deep x 34 3/4″ high

See full specs


SawStop doesn’t just make saw brakes, they make full-size table saws.

Their contractor saw is a massive beast that can handle 36″ rip cuts. It is over five feet wide and almost two feet deep.

If you order the SawStop Contractor Saw, it will be shipped in multiple packages that, together, weigh almost 350 lbs. The heaviest piece is over 100 lbs.

All of that weight is great for stability, even though this is a somewhat-portable contractor’s saw. This saw passes the nickel test.

That’s when you place a nickel on its edge the table and turn the saw on. If the vibrations from the motor don’t cause the nickel to fall over, congratulations! The saw passes the test.

That’s despite the power behind the blade. It comes stock at 1.75 horsepower but can hit 4 HP after upgrading to use 220V!

For safety, there’s a riving knife and the on/off switch is a large paddle at knee-height, making it easy to hit in an emergency.

There’s even a lockout key to prevent unauthorized use.

The table saw comes with a stand and can be upgraded with a wheeled mobility kit or a cart for maximum mobility. You can also upgrade the dust collection abilities and add on two wings for greater surface area.

Also, this saw includes the SawStop emergency saw brake. It uses electricity to detect conductive surfaces, namely the human body, which triggers the module to stop the saw in under 5 milliseconds!


  • SawStop safety system to prevent injury
  • Very stable
  • Under-table shrouding and optional dust collection upgrades let you use this saw indoor or outdoors without worrying about sawdust
  • Multiple mobility options are available
  • Massive and complete manual you can download from the SawStop website


  • Expensive
  • Assembly may require two people
  • Upgrading to 220V power requires ordering an unlisted item (part CNS-WA-014)
  • Too-wet wood can trip the blade brake


SawStop’s Contractor Saw may be expensive, but it’s large, powerful, well-made, and extremely safe.

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Shop Fox W1837 – Best Hybrid Table Saw

Specs Shop Fox W1847 ten inch hybrid tale saw review

  • Blade Size: 10″
  • Maximum Depth of Cut: 3 1/4″
  • Rip Capacity: 30″
  • Motor: 2 horsepower
  • Dimensions: 40 1/4″ wide x 27″ deep x

See full specs


Hybrid table saws try to combine the adjustability and stability of cabinet saws with the portability of contractor saws.

The Shop Fox W1837 has a partially enclosed cabinet with a built-in stand and three cammed wheels.

This saves weight over a full-cabinet table saw and lets you move it around easily by yourself, though don’t expect to load it into a truck unassisted.

The wings are precision-ground cast iron but don’t extend all the way to the end of the rip fence’s limit. That also saves weight, just don’t drop your wood through the hole!

That rip fence locks in both the front and the rear, but some people have had trouble getting it square.

The blade guard and anti-kickback pawls can both be changed in an instant. There is also a riving knife and a stop button near your knee.

The trunnions are mounted to the cabinet for stability and adjustability. That cabinet also has a 4″ dust port.

Pros Shop Fox miter gauge blade guard for safe operation of a table saw

  • Surprisingly portable for its size and power
  • Comes with casters
  • Powerful and quiet


  • Not as stable as a full cabinet saw
  • Middling dust collection ability
  • Some reviewers had problems getting the rip fence square


If you need a very capable saw, but still want to move it around, the Shop Fox W1837 is a great choice.

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Overall, the best table saw on this list is the SawStop Contractor Saw. You get the most power, stability, and safety from them.

However, you’ll need to purchase multiple accessories to make it as mobile as possible and collect all of the dust, so it’s also the most expensive choice.

If you don’t have a thousand dollars to spend on a table saw, the overall best choice is the Dewalt DWE7491RS.

Though it’s very portable, it doesn’t give up anything to achieve that portability. Its biggest weakness is the lackluster dust collection.

If you are on a tight budget and only have a couple hundred dollars to spend then the Craftsman Evolv will suffice.

Though it doesn’t punch with the big boys, it’s more than enough to get small tasks done well.

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