Echo Chainsaw Reviews – CS-310, CS-590, & CS-400

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Professional Quality at Consumer Prices

echo chainsaw reviews

If you are looking for a company with a reputation for professional-grade chainsaws, look no further than Echo. Even though Echo brand chainsaws are known for their professional quality and ability to perform the hard jobs year after year, you wouldn’t know it by their prices.

These things are comparatively priced with consumer quality tools, meaning you’re going to get a much more powerful saw for your dollar. Echo is the official chainsaw manufacturer of professional bull riders, so you can count on rodeo-tough quality construction of every Echo saw you buy.

Echo Chainsaw Bar Length Engine Size Price
Echo Chainsaw CS-310 with 14" Bar reviewCS-310 14″ 32.6cc $$$

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Echo CS-590 20” Bar Timber Wolf Chainsaw reviewCS-590 20″ 59.8cc $$$$

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best echo chainsawCS-400 18″ 40.2cc $$$

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Echo Chainsaw CS-310 with 14″ Bar

Choose the CS-310 if:
You want a little saw that’s easy to handle but still has a lot of power.


Echo CS-310 chainsaw review

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Don’t think the CS310’s small size is a reflection of its power! Even though its blade comes in at a very manageable 14 inches, this saw can get serious jobs done. Perfect for cutting up to 10 inches, this saw is designed from top to bottom to be easy to use and a powerful tool in your arsenal.


  • 32.6 cc engine: gives this saw enough power for cutting around the home and yard.
  • 14 inch bar: makes handling this saw comfortable, convenient, and simple. Helps you have enough power for those tough cut jobs.
  • G-Force Engine Air Precleaner: helps ensure long engine life and extended maintenance intervals.
  • Certified with the highest EPA engine durability rating: helps reduce environmental impact.

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Echo CS-590 20” Bar Timber Wolf Chainsaw

Choose the CS-590 if:
You’re looking for a powerful, professional-grade chainsaw you can use for your big jobs on the farm or at home.


Echo CS-590 chainsaw review

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Basically the bigger, badder, tougher version of the CS-310, the Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf is everything you’d want in a chain saw. This thing is POWERFUL. It’s got a 20 inch blade for serious cutting and a 59.8cc professional-quality engine. That means it can handle basically any professional quality job and keep going. Plus, it’s has the standard Echo features you’d come to expect from a company with Echo’s reputation including easy start up and a top-rated chain break for safety. The new king of the farm, if you are looking for an incredibly powerful and robust chainsaw, this is it.


  • Great chain break: helps keep you safe while cutting.
  • 59.8cc engine: professional grade power that gives you more than enough power for your job.
  • Decompression valve: makes starting the CS-590 a lot easier.
  • 5 year consumer warranty: this is a saw that is built to last, and Echo is willing to back that up.

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Echo CS-400 18” Gas Chainsaw

Choose the CS-400 if:
You want a professional quality, multi-application saw but don’t want to pay a professional price for your hardware.


Echo CS-400 18” Gas Chainsaw review

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A great mid-range offering from Echo, don’t think this saw has middling quality. Its 40.2cc engine has the power for nearly any job, and the blade is long enough to keep up with what you throw at it. Plus, with its easily adjustable chain, performing regular maintenance on the saw is going to be a breeze. It comes in a lightweight build, meaning you can do powerful cutting without having to lug around a huge machine. Anyone looking for a saw with professional power at a great price should give the CS-400 a look.


  • 18 inch blade: makes even big cutting jobs easy to handle.
  • 40.2cc engine: enough power to handle nearly any job around the yard or at work.
  • Easy start engine: makes using this chainsaw a delight.
  • Lightweight: makes this saw easy and fun to use, even for extended periods of time.

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