Worx Chainsaws – The JawSaw, WG300, WG303.1, & WG304.1 Models

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Worx Chainsaws Works for You

Worx chainsaw reviewsWorx is a name known by the home improvement industry. With a wide array of products to choose from, the company is best known for its superior chainsaws which can be found in retailers across the world. Built from quality materials using superior craftsmanship, Worx chainsaws come in a number of different styles to meet the needs of its customers.

Available Worx Chainsaw Models

Anyone interested in purchasing a Worx chainsaw can find the following models available for sell on Amazon.

  • The Worx JawSaw Electric Chainsaw. Perhaps the most popular feature of this product is its patented
    Worx Jawsaw Chainsaw review

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    auto tension system. Rather than have to increase the tension manually, the JawSaw does it for its user. A five foot pole extension makes it easy to reach even the tallest branches on trees. A blade guard surrounds the chain making it safe for people to use it. There is less of a chance of accident which is reassuring.


  • 14” Electric Worx WG300 – 14.0 Amp.
    14” Electric Worx WG300 chainsaw

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    High-powered and high-speed, this model of electric chainsaw is ideal because the tension is automatically adjusted as a person saws. The blade is also automatically lubricated making it easier to get the job done fast. The bar length is 14” long making it perfect for many types of projects.


  • 16” Electric Worx WG303.1 -14.5 Amp.
    Worx WG303.1 electric chainsaw review

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    Similar in feature to the 14” model, this particular chainsaw has a longer bar length making it comfortable for users to saw. The rubberized rear handle makes it easy to hold onto the saw and gives users of the tool greater control. The built-in reservoir lets people know when it’s time to refill the saw with oil.


  • 18” Electric Worx WG304.1 – 15.0 Amp.
    Worx WG304.1 chainsaw review

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    The longer 18” bar length makes it possible to do work that requires more reach. The 3/8″ pitch reduced kickback chain improves cutting performance and increases safety for users. Built to take one the toughest jobs, the Electric Worx WG304.1 18” chainsaw can produce anywhere from 4.0 peak horsepower which gets projects done quickly and efficiently.

Eco-Friendly and Emission-Free

One of the most redeeming qualities about Worx is how the company’s products are eco-friendly and emission-free. Instead of hurting the environment with their tools, they provide viable solutions that benefit both the users of their chainsaws and the planet which they live on. This type of social responsibility is what sets the company apart from others in the industry.worx electric chainsaws reviewed

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

A company that offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee exudes confidence. Worx provides the guarantee less any shipping or restocking fees. Best of all, they make claiming the guarantee effortless. This type of commitment to customers is what has made the company a leader in the industry for years.

3 Year Limited Warranty

Worx tools that become defective because of faulty materials or workmanship are covered for three years from the date of purchase. The company offers to replace or repair all defective parts, repair products or replace the unit with a new or re-conditioned unit free of charge. The warranty is subject to terms and conditions and does not apply to tools that have been abused, neglected, altered or repaired by anyone other than an approved service center.

Worx prides itself on being a name the public can trust. With a wide range of chainsaws to choose from, it’s easy to see why customers prefer the company over others. A commitment to serve the users of its tools and provide quality products that simplify life, Worx is one brand that people choose over and over again throughout the years. Added safety features and self-lubricating blades makes these chainsaws worth the investment. Check out Amazon for the best deals on Worx saws.

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