Power Tools Everyone Should Own

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Power Tools For The Home Power Tools for the home

Since power tools are not cheap, it’s important to know which ones are more likely to be useful than others. Working construction for many years, some power tools I think are important on a job site are not that important at the homestead. Knowing which tools are better on the homestead can reduce the expense and still accomplish most day to day projects at home with these tools. Power tools are versatile and can be used for a wide variety of projects. Owning your own power tools is much easier than having to rent them or buy them when a household project comes up. Why hire someone else to do the work if you are able to do it yourself.

Power Drill

A power drill, either corded or cordless, are very versatile. The size and the type of drill bits and bit tips you need depend on your project. Cordless drills can be used for power screw drivers as well as a drill with the clutch set so you do not strip the screw heads or screws. I feel the cordless drills are the most commonly used of the power tools out there for common household projects.

One accessory I recommend you get if you have a power drill, is the Kreg Jig. The pocket hole jig takes wood projects to a whole new level, as pocket holes can be used for many different types of projects.

Circular Saw residential power tools

A circular saw is great for a variety of projects, always use a circular saw with a safety guard attached to it and be very careful with a circular saw as many power tool injuries occur with this particular power tool. Circular saws with the  right saw blades can cut through most any kind of materials you use.

Table Saw

A table saw is usually the most expensive power tool to invest in, but it will be very handy and last for years, but a circular saw can usually do the same type of cuts, it just takes a little more setup and time. Table saws are very helpful when you are cutting large, long pieces of material or heavy materials because you have a table to balance the weight on. It is also great for join pieces and getting a very straight cut.

Power Sander

Having a power sander is going to save you hours or even days of sanding by hand depending on the size of the project. You will also get a nicer finish. Make sure you use the right grade of sandpaper. For best results start of with a very coarse grade and finish up with a finer grade for a very smooth finish.


A router is a great tool for detail work. If you will be engraving or doing finishing work, this is the tool you don’t want to be without. There are so many accessories for routers that you can be very creative with your designs.

While the power tools you purchase are completely up to you, this is a list of the ones that you should have as well as a brief explanation why. With these tools on hand, you will be ready to tackle a variety of household projects that are sure to materialize over the course of time. Watch for cordless tool kits to go on sale, you can pick up many tools at once this way.

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