Finding the Best Electric Pressure Washer on a Budget

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Many article that I read often state the best way to buy this or that “on a budget”.  The problem that I find most often is what is “a budget”?  A budget for a Physician is much different than a budget of a Fireman and that is not even including what state you may live in. For the interest of our readers I would like to present my own article entitled “best electric pressure washer on a budget” and when I mean budget, I mean the common man or the middle class American that takes time to save up a couple hundred bucks and that values their money.

So for this article I will go over three electric pressure washers that you can purchase for under $300.  While the majority of high powered pressure washers are of the gasoline variety, an electric washers are becoming more and more popular, especially for basic household duties. I will focus on two different brands during this post as AR Blue Clean & Karcher are the only electric power washers that I have tested in the last month.  So here are the reviews.

Electric Pressure Washers Under $300

AR AR383 Electric Pressure Washer AR Blue Clean ART118:  Do not, I repeat Do not judge a book by its cover when looking at this hand held electric model.  The small blue washer may look tiny and weak at a mere 19 lbs., but it packs a punch.   With a PSI of 1500 this bad boy can rip through your skin in no time.   I myself was leery about using this, but soon changed my toon as I saw how good this works at cleaning a mud filled pickup truck.   In no time I had my truck spotless with this compact machine and it worked great.  Easy enough for the novice to use, but powerful enough to tackle almost any home job, this is one that I highly recommend to those looking to spend under $100 on their pressure washer.

AR AR112 Electric Pressure Washer AR Blue Clean ART383:   Slightly more powerful than the ART118, the ART383 adds a little power clocking in at 1,900 PSI.   Like the handheld Blue Clean model, this also packs a punch for smaller unit.  While this is a solid washer to use for at home use, there are a couple of things that I did not like about the unit.  The cord and wands were sort of a pain to deal when using the system.  The particular wand I was using had trouble leaking near the base and I had to use a clamp to make it stop.  Also, the accessories had to be moved when wrapping the unit up, as they are in the way of the cord.  If I had to choose between this and the ART118, I would choose the ART118 as it can do nearly the same jobs as the 383, without the extra cost and problems.

Karcher X Series featuring Industry's Induction Karcher X-Series:  My choice for the overall best electric pressure washer is the Karcher X-Series.  While this item is more expensive than the AR Blue Clean models, it is definitely worth it in my opinion.   At a price tag of just under $300, the Karcher pressure washer is by far the best electric washer that I have used.   While only listed at 2000 PSI, this model feels more like a 2500 PSI machine as it easily can clean many heavy duty jobs such power washing a  deck or a  tough sidewalk.   I compare this model very closely to the gas powered Karcher Expert Series that I have used for over a year.   Using this in conjunction with a long cord will be sufficient for many of the most important jobs.

As technology gets better and better, so does many electric tools.   When searching of the best electric pressure washer, there are many models to choose from but the Karcher X-Series tops them all.   To read full reviews from real life customers please click the button above before making any type of pressure washing purchase.

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